6 Best Campgrounds in Puerto Rico for New Visitors

Exploring the best of Puerto Rico's outdoors requires knowing which campgrounds can help. Here are the best campgrounds in Puerto Rico for new visitors.

Are you visiting Puerto Rico?

Around 5 million tourists visited the country before the current health crisis. One way to make your trip to this archipelago memorable is to stay there the budget-friendly way: camping in Puerto Rico. As a beginner, you might not know how to go. 

Below are the six best campgrounds for first-time visitors. Read on and find out more:

1. Cacao Agroforestry Farm

Head to the border of Anasco and Las Marias, and you will find the Cacao Agroforestry Farm. You can plant guanabana, citrus varieties, banana, guava, and other food-producing plants.

If planting activities are not your hobbies, the farm also allows you to birdwatch or meditate. Also, check the nearby coast, rivers, and other landscapes.

2. Playa Flamenco Area de Acampar

Are you planning to visit various Puerto Rican beaches? Flamenco Beach is the best campground on the crescent-shaped coast. You’ll see clear water, white sand, food kiosks, showers, and bathrooms.

3. Punta Maracayo Camping Center

Punta Maracayo Camping makes one of the best modern options for campsites. You’ll find it in rural Hatillo, also known as “El Pueblo sin Sopa” (the town without soup). Talk to a local to get a more authentic story about the origin of the name. 

This campsite also has RV parking, with shops and restaurants a short walk away. Cool off at the pools and water slides. 

4. Sun Bay Campground

Do you prefer camping closer to nature? Visit Sun Bay. The campgrounds are near flat grassy areas near a beach.

You won’t camp on the sand. However, you are close enough to the beach. Listen to the relaxing rolls of the waves and wind.

The best part about the site is you are close to modern conveniences like bathrooms, showers, and security. The area also offers grills and picnic tables. Camping at Sun Bay Campground will only cost $10 per day since it’s in a national park.

5. Parque Nacional Tres Hermanos

Rustic campers will enjoy the campsites in Tres Hombres. It’s the perfect place to go camping with friends in the northwest region of the island. Spend your day at the beach, play beach volleyball, or explore the nearby Arecibo Observatory and Cueva Ventana.

If you only have a limited budget for camping, Tres Hombres or Tres Hermanos also offers RV parking. 

6. El Yunque National Rainforest

Finally, if you want a place with majestic hiking trails, go to El Yunque National Rainforest. At 3088 feet, some areas open to breathtaking and overlooking views of the forest.

You can also take the Mount Britton hiking trail. You might see the local parrot or indigenous coqui frogs.

Find the Best Campgrounds for You Puerto Rican Vacation Today

Puerto Rico is rich with excellent campgrounds for its visitors. You only need to know the best campgrounds for your budget, needs, and expectations. Once you have an idea, you will find an ideal campground.

Are you looking for a place to stay in Puerto Rico? Check out our listings today.

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