Be Sure To Try the Best Puerto Rican Food on Your Next Trip

What is the best Puerto Rican food? Check out our brief guide today to learn a few of the dishes you'll want to try on your next trip.

Puerto Rico has a rich cultural background that includes Taino, Spanish, and African cultures. Thanks to this cultural diversity, there is an incredible food scene inspired by the various influences. 

A trip to Puerto Rico is a sensation for the taste buds, and it’s impossible to visit without eating some local delicacies. The best Puerto Rican food can be found all over the island. Here are some of the best Puerto Rican foods to try when you visit.


A Puerto Rican version of tamales, these delicious bites can be vegetarian or meat-filled. A banana leaf is typically wrapped with ground meat, green plantain, and some veggies. Top it off with a spicy, locally made hot sauce for an extra kick. 

Pasteles are also a very popular thing to eat during the holiday season. 


Want the best authentic Puerto Rican food? Try these little fried-filled pastries, which make for a delicious snack. They are filled with meat, ham and cheese, and sometimes seafood.

You can buy them on the street, from people’s front yards, as well as from kiosks. Try an empanadilla with a creative filling! 


The best food in Puerto Rico (well, the most popular at least) has to be mofongo. This extremely popular dish made from plantain, garlic, oil, salt, and broth and then rolled into little balls and fried is simply delicious! 

You can eat it as a side dish or a main dish and opt to have some meat with it too. You have to try these little balls of heaven when in Puerto Rico!

Papas Rellenas 

Deep-fried potato stuffed with ground meat, what could be more delicious?! Reminiscent of a Spanish croquette, this dish is a delicious starter or snack. 


A little piece of cod that’s fried to make the most delicious fritters. This is a popular snack served at beach bars throughout the year. If you love all things fried, you must try bacalatios. 


A simple but delicious way to eat green plantain, tostones are made from sliced plantain that is then fried. The best way to eat it? Top with some cheese and a delicious sauce or some avocado. 

Fresh Fruits

Fruits grow in abundance in the tropical climates of Puerto Rico. If you have a sweet tooth, try some of the delicious, fresh local fruits. 

From mango to papaya, guava, and fresh coconuts, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Where Are the Best Food Places in Puerto Rico?

You’ll find great restaurants and cafes serving these delicacies all over the island, but you’ll find the best restaurants in San Juan. 

Where’s the best food in San Juan Puerto Rico? We’ll leave you to decide! We can highly recommend a local food tour if you want to try all the wonderful foods Puerto Rico has to offer.

Get Tasting the Best Puerto Rican Food

Now all that’s left to do is taste the best Puerto Rican food imaginable! Food will make up a big part of your trip and help you understand the Puerto Rican culture. Enjoy! 

Want more tips on where to stay and what to eat in Puerto Rico? Check out these incredible Puerto Rico vacation homes.

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