Best time of year to visit Puerto Rico in 2021

Having your vacation in Puerto Rico is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Aside from the fact that this island is home to many picturesque spots, you can also find historical places here such as Castillo San Fernando del Morro and Castillo San Cristobal. You can also explore the Old San Juan here if you want to experience the Spanish colonial period. There are actually a lot of places where you can go once you set your foot in Puerto Rico. Now, you might be wondering about the perfect timing to visit these tourist spots. Let’s share with you the factors to consider and what is really the best time of the year to visit Puerto Rico.


Questions to ask yourself to get a perfect time to visit Puerto Rico

There is no definite time to visit Puerto Rico in its perfect condition. There are things you need to consider, especially that there are different types of places that you can visit. You don’t have to be a frequent tourist in Puerto Rico to learn these things. In this section, you will know the questions to ask yourself so you can better evaluate if the timing is right for your vacation.


1) What places are you planning to visit during your vacation?

This is one of the most important things that you should ponder on. Even before you go to Puerto Rico, you need to plan your trip to make sure that you maximize your time staying on the island. There are a lot of places to choose from. You can opt for a beach trip or visit the historical places where you can learn about the history of Puerto Rico. You can also go to churches or plazas. Before you go to Puerto Rico, you should have a list of the tourist spots so you can plan the time of your visit right after.


2) Who’s going to be with you when you visit the island?

Another thing to think about is the people who are going to be with you when you go to Puerto Rico. Are you going to be with the kids? Will you be alone? Are you coming with your friends? Make sure that you have a solid plan with your family or friends when going to Puerto Rico. Your safety and security should always be prioritized when traveling. If you will go on a vacation with the kids, make sure to choose the tourist spots where they will be safe. Choose the locations where they will enjoy it as well.


3) How much is your budget?

Traveling without a budget is not a good idea, no matter how willing you are to spend on a vacation, your budget matters. When traveling to Puerto Rico, you have to make sure that you are certain about the money you are going to spend in total. This will help you identify which time of the year is the best for your budget trip. Determining your budget will also help you locate the places that are within your financial limit.


4) How long are you planning to stay in Puerto Rico?

You also have to consider how long you are planning to stay in Puerto Rico. Is it for one to two days only? For a week? For a month? Estimating the length of your stay in Puerto Rico will help you plan your trip well. You will know the number of places you can reach and the budget you will likely spend. You also get to decide where to stay while you are taking your vacation on the island.


What’s the best time of year to visit Puerto Rico?

1) Summertime

July to September is the perfect season to visit beaches in Puerto Rico. The weather can turn up high during summer and there are chances of hurricanes. Although the weather is hot, there are still a couple of tourists who enjoy beaches, pools, and restaurants on the island since places are less crowded, which means that you can enjoy as much as you can without worrying whether your chosen spot is full or not. Just make sure that you are ready to experience hurricanes during summer.


2) Tourist season

If you want to go with the flow with other tourists, December to March is the best season to visit Puerto Rico. Many find this period ideal since it is the winter season on the island. Hotels are also on sale. You will find San Juan hotels offering less than $100 a night. This sale is very rare considering that it is the peak season for the Caribbean. This season is also ideal for tourists who want to spend their Christmas on the island. Puerto Rico has one of the best holiday seasons if you don’t mind the hotel rates.


3) Spring is the best time to visit

If you want to do a lot of things in Puerto Rico but you don’t want to go here during the hot or winter season, then spring is the most ideal period for you. April to June is sunny and breezy at the same time. There are hotels offering less than $200 a night. Although accommodation is quite high during this peak season, you will nevertheless enjoy the events and festivals here. You can also go to your chosen destination without getting too exhausted because of the weather.


4) Reasonable airfare and accommodation during fall

Fall is off-season in Puerto Rico. This is where you will find a lot of sales and discounts from airlines and hotels. If you are traveling on a budget and you want to get the best deals for your vacation, try going to Puerto Rico during the fall.


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